Here I simply add the newest testimonials to the website. Below you can find more hypnotherapy testimonials sorted by the problem which clients have overcome... Please be aware that results depend on how much the person applies themselves, uses the techniques taught and that results may vary from person to person.

"I just had a mind massage. I already know that it's functioning a lot more smoothly! Thank you" - * Alisha, Sunshine Coast

"I did it!!" - * Tom, Brisbane

Hi Silke, thanks for the sessions I feel great, and I think with the NLP it was a far more holistic and broad treatment then just a hypnosis session somewhere else. I truly AM A NONSMOKER NOW. Thanks again. * Ian, Sunshine Coast

"Hi Silke, yesterday afternoon I went to Brisbane to pick up some spare parts, I had to be there by 4pm and it was going to be touch and go. Then I thought: I'll go through the tunnel, something I would never contemplate before my appointment with you. I went through the tunnel with no problems at all, no panic, no fear whatsoever (and saved a hell of a lot of time). I feel you have certainly got me back on track.   Thank you so much" - Keith, Sunshine Coast 

"Hi Silke, it feels so good to finally follow through with my plan and I am finally getting things done! No more procrastination, yay! I did all my research already and am now working on my first steps towards my big, exciting goal. Never knew I could be this driven! I am sooooo excited ;-))) Thank you so much." * Chris, Sunshine Coast

"Thank you for all you have done for me, you have helped me tremendously, I feel so invigorated and happy again, and so much more positive. Thank you again." -
* Tony, Brisbane

"Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your guidance whilst I was on the Sunshine Coast. I have felt a lot calmer and I know I will build on it over the next few months..." * Deb, Adelaide

"I saw you last year in Peregian for sessions. I would like to say thank you once again, for all your help. I am travelling better than ever. Many Thanks!" * Vicki, Sunshine Coast

“Thank you so much Silke! You were a great help!” - * Jane, Brisbane

“I used to smoke 50 a day and I honestly can't believe how easy I found it to become a Non Smoker with your help. I should've found you years ago! Thank you” -
* Tammy, Brisbane

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

IBS and Anxiety

Hi Silke,

I just want to say thank you so much for helping me live a happier and more relaxed life!! You have helped me to enjoy things in life that before I would've experienced high anxiety levels. I am feeling a lot calmer which has helped my IBS a lot.
Again a BIG Thank you, you are just the greatest! * Ellie, Sunshine Coast

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

From FEAR of FLYING to enjoying the flight by Jane

Hi Silke,
Just to  thank you for bringing the enjoyment back into flying for me!
After the sessions I managed to easily and calmly get to the airport, into the plane, take off, fly and land (all of which would previously have triggered different levels of stress and anxiety!).
I would even go to say I felt a sense of excitement at being able to enjoy the whole experience... Amazing! I was able to look out of the window, chat to my daughter and take in what I read, during both flights.
I found the whole hypnotherapy and NLP experience really helpful and picked up some good tips for future use too... Such a relief to know there is help when needed. Thank you * - Jane, Brisbane

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

Quit Smoking hypnotherapy

Dear Silke,

I urge anyone who is thinking about whether this works to read this and find the courage to give Hypnotherapy, NLP and Silke a shot, if you believe it works then it will. I will not lie and say that it was easy, but I will say that it was ALOT easier than I had imagined it would be.
I just wanted to thank you so very much for helping me finally quit smoking.

Having tried nearly every other way to quit in the past I finally plucked up the courage to give you a ring, I remember the first thing you said to me was “Are you ready to quit ?”. I said no, I wasn’t, but I really really want to quit, (I don’t think anyone is truly ready to quit). I was so surprised that after the first session my whole way of thinking about the problem had changed, instead of making excuses TO SMOKE... through Hypnosis and NLP, you had given me the power of choice back, I NOW CHOOSE NOT TO SMOKE..
Also the coping mechanisms you have learned me have been amazing,  every time I get a craving, and they are very few a far between, it’s like someone flicks a switch in my mind and all the positive reasons why I quit just reel off through my head and no more craving!! The power of choice that I now have is empowering, I am in control, calm, motivated and already feeling the benefits of being a non smoker.

I have now been a non smoker for 55 days, I have saved close to $600.00, avoided smoking a staggering 825 cigarettes, and saved over a day by not stopping to light up!! (sorry info from an app on my phone). I then did the maths over the 20 year period I was smoking and was gobsmacked.
I have inspired my mother in law to do the same; she is now 3 weeks clean from a 50 year 30 a day habit through hypnotherapy and NLP. 
I also want to thank you in helping me through some more personal issues through Hypnotherapy and NLP. The emotional trauma I suffered from my bike accident 7 years ago has been put to bed, My fear of the ocean has now been put to bed, and I have also dealt with some other problem... All very empowering.

Silke you have changed my life and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

* Andy H., Yandina, Sunshine Coast

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

Insomnia hypnotherapy and how B. Jones enjoys sleeping well again

"For more than 30 years I suffered from insomnia. I had no problem falling asleep very quickly after going to bed, but 2 to 3 hours later I would wake up and stay awake, very often for the rest of the night. Sleeping tablets would sometimes send me back to sleep again but I would have horrible nightmares and would awake the next morning feeling groggy. 
In desperation I recently googled, 'Insomnia Hypnotherapy Sunshine Coast' and discovered Silke Herwald's website. I knew very little about hypnotherapy and was quite skeptical, but had reached the stage where I was prepared to try anything.
After only 4 sessions under Silke's wonderful hypnosis & NLP, I am experiencing a sleep pattern that I thought I would never again achieve. Even if I do wake up through the night now, I know that by putting the tools Silke has taught me into practice, I will fall asleep again.
I awake feeling fresh and alert. I cannot recommend Silke's wonderful, caring talent more highly.
 Thank you Silke.
* B. Jones, Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

Hypnosis Testimonials for Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Relationships, Personal Excellence, Stress Phobias

These hypnotherapy and NLP testimonials are sorted by the problems people have overcome

Hypnotherapy for Depression and Hypnotherapy Anxiety

Ananda, Paddington Brisbane: "I went to Silke when I was feeling down and like I couldn’t make any changes. I had been holding onto an issue for 20 years and just needed to clear it. I had one session with Silke and came out not sure if it had made any difference but feeling amazing – happy, relaxed and calm. A couple of days later I realised I hadn’t thought about the issue at all and so I just kept a watching brief on my thoughts and feelings over the next few weeks and months and I realised I was free. I have been back to see Silke a couple of times since but never had to re-address the original issue. Love your work Silke. " *

* T. Kilpatrick, Sunshine Coast: "Firstly I thank Silke for helping me save my own life.
9 months ago I suddenly fell ill one morning and could not go to work. I couldn’t go to work because I was extremely tired all day every day. It took 6 weeks before I fell into a deep depression. After my doctor finally realised my condition I had to wait a few more weeks to see a specialist psychiatrist.
By then my condition had worsened. My life was Hell. 
I had Silke’s business card on my dresser for about the last 8 months and I decided there and then to pick up the phone and made an appointment.
After my first appointment I never looked back. Silke helped me turn my life around and completely changed my way of thinking about everything in my life.  After about 3 days I started to gain a little more energy each day. From then on every day has gotten better and better. Now I love life, love doing things, love everyone. I have energy. Each night I go to sleep looking forward to waking up the next day and getting on with life, experiencing and learning all that I can.  I now enjoy everything I use to and more. I feel better than I have felt in many years.
With each session, Silke gives me more tools to use to be strong and stay strong throughout all the good and bad experiences I may come across now and in the future. She has helped me let go of the past, negative thoughts and negative experiences I have had. Now I look forward to the future. So many people are overwhelmed with how great I look now and how much energy I have and I smile all the time." *

* Jane A, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast: "So this is what it is like to be not depressed... I had tried everything else without success and I have been severely depressed for over 30 years and now I am finally free. I feel like I am new and the world all of a sudden is an exciting place to be in... I would highly recommend Silky's hypnotherapy treatment to anyone who wants to overcome depression. This really is the fastest way possible. What a relief! Thank you so much!!!"

* Ellie, Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast: "I just can't believe how much I changed over only a few weeks... When I first got in touch with Silke at the Australian Hypnotherapy Centre I was so desperate for change... Never would I have imagined this to be such a quick, fascinating, gentle and absolutely wonderful experience. Thanks to this I truly am the woman I always knew I was somewhere deep, deep inside me. Thank you so much, Silke" 

* Maggie P. Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast: "As I said to a friend of mine the other day: we should be singing this lady's and her hypnotherapy's praise from the hills..." 

* Andrew B. Brisbane: "I fell into such a deep hole after my separation. Apart from that being hard enough as it was I also somehow felt like I was somehow not good enough no matter what I did. Thanks to you and your great hypnotherapy sessions I am now truly free from all the old stuff. I feel fantastic now!! Thank you"

* Jessica S. Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast: “My partner thought I was crazy for going to hypnotherapy for depression but when he noticed how much happier I got and how quickly I changed for the better he fully supported me. Suppose his own life has become just so much easier and happier because I have changed so much…”

* Jeff K. Brisbane: "I would highly recommend Silke to anyone who as any form of anxiety disorder! I have been highly anxious, ridden with panic attacks since teenage years... I had been to see psychologists, have seen counsellors and also another hypnotherapist but nothing really worked for me. Silke however easily got me out of my own frenzy and the way she explained things to me just made perfect sense. Her hypnotherapy sessions have truly helped me resolve anxiety, something I didn't even believe would be possible. I can't even tell you how much my life has changed for the better! Thank you so so much!"

* Linda W. Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast "Extremely depressed and anxious I decided I could no longer cope without help. I made an appointment to see my GP after a brief discussion about various antidepressives, he mentioned a hypnotherapist lady who may be able to offer an alternative. I openly agreed to see Silke for hypnosis. My first contact with Silke made me feel instantly comfortable, She was very warm and welcoming - to me a very good start to overcome depression and anxiety. 
Her gentle voice and the hypnotherapy has completely changed how I feel and my outlook regarding all those formerly depressive issues. For me there is no more guilt and no more walking on eggshells.
I can most highly recommend Silke's hypnosis and hypnotherapy!
I am an entirely different person to the one who first walked in that door. I no longer feel guilty, anxious or depressed. Thank you so much!"

* Scott T. Brisbane: "Thank you so much for the hypnosis and NLP sessions! Everything is still going great and I am still listening to the hypnosis recording you gave me. It really has helped and still helps so much!"

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

Hypnosis Smoking

* Reneae, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast: "Hi Silke, A few weeks after my Hypnosis Stop Smoking Sessions with you I had the urge to have a cigarette after I had 3 bottles of wine. Anyway I light it and drew back and nearly threw up, it was that putrid. So I threw it away immediately and surely won't do that again. Thank you so much!!"

* Anthony R, Brisbane: "I still find it bizarre how easy it was to quit smoking after the hypnosis sessions with you! It was all totally worth it cause I learned so much about myself and I feel much more chilled now too."

* Ben, Coolum, Sunshine Coast: "After my first hypnosis session with you, a friend offered me a cigarette and I really tried to smoke but I simply couldn't do it. Now I really feel like I've left that behind and I've done it. Thank you!"

* Eliza, Brisbane: “I feel so empowered. It’s like I have more trust in myself now! Thank you so much for helping me become a Non Smoker and helping me believe in myself again!”

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

Weight Loss Hypnosis

* Lynda A., Bli Bli, Sunshine Coast: "I really wanted to let you know how much you have helped me! Firstly in regards to the initial reason: I searched and thankfully after much scrutinising found you because I needed to stop emotional eating. Since seeing you around six weeks ago, it’s not only what I have lost but also what I have gained: and that is my self esteem!! My old clothes fit again and I know that I am feeding my body for all the right reasons! I am definitely not an emotional eater anymore. I just cant thank you enough and my husband and kiddies say a big thank you too."

* Leslie Anne, Brisbane: "I have found my portion sizes a lot smaller and I am definitely making better food choices, so that is great! Plus I have commenced walking again and am doing other exercise too! So I am definitely moving towards my goals now!"

* Nicole, Brisbane: “Thank you so much! My eating habits are changing and I don’t beat myself up anymore! It is true, we needed to work on all the underlying emotions and now I certainly know what to do should I feel those again! It wasn’t magical but magic wouldn’t be right. Because I chose to use the tools you taught me I feel empowered. And that’s what makes everything soooo much easier!”

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

Relationships / Confidence

* Louise, Noosa Heads: "I went to Silke as an absolute last resort. My relationship was completely on the rocks with my partner of four years and there seemed no hope of recovery, especially as I continued to revert back to old learned behaviours that were very destructive to the relationship. Silke not only helped me to re-establish my relationship which is now going very well but to also relax generally in life and have more confidence in my own abilities.
I would highly recommend these hypnotherapy services to anyone regardless of the issue at hand. Thank you so much!" 

* Jay, Sunshine Beach, Sunshine Coast: "Now the communication within the family is flowing freely again. Which I find really amazing given that you have only seen me but as you said once one person changes the whole family dynamic changes... Thank you so so much! What a great outcome after only three sessions of hypnotherapy treatment!"

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

Stress Management Hypnotherapy

* Tony W. Sunshine Beach: "What a great experience this hypnosis and NLP is! Now I deal with stress so much better!! I still can’t quite get my head around how exactly my stress related illness has improved so much. My GP is now decreasing the dosage. This is fantastic. Thank you!"

* John B, Brisbane: "In the past pushy or needy customers who took out their anger and frustration out on me always spun me out and ruined my day, I actually always wanted to hide and run away whenever I felt it coming. Now that doesn't happen at all any more. If I have 'one of those' customers I serve them, help them and it just doesn't stress me at all any more... It's very surprising how easy it now is to manage stress and just get on happily with the rest of my day, when previously I would have been upset or angry about it for the rest of the day and even worse would have taken it with me into my free time. I am so much happier after the sessions with you and the way I handle these previously stressful situations now. Your skills and experience is amazing. Thank you!!"

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

Personal Excellence

* Matt.A. Noosa, Sunshine Coast: "Thanks to Silke's expertise I was able to shift some old financial patterns, which were holding me back. Through a number of techniques she helped me release the old patterns and helped me install new beliefs that I'd written down prior to our sessions. Silke also helped prompt new ideas that I hadn't considered which made a big difference. After just four sessions my focus had shifted and I started 'noticing' that I was making excellent decisions in my business. Making 'good decisions' about money was one of the beliefs I worked on during our sessions. I'd highly recommend Silke to anyone wishing to create change in any area of their life."

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

Preparation Job Interview

* Cassandra K, Newcastle: "Silke has a great understanding of human nature and psychology. She has a caring and also straightforward and commonsense approach which helped me look at myself in a different way and feel more confident about my abilities. Most importantly, Silke reminded me of my uniqueness and that different does not mean better or worse. I went to see Silke for assistance with my interviewing technique to improve my chances of getting a job. After successfully gaining an interview, she squeezed me in for an appointment and worked with me so that I could see myself achieving positive outcomes in my new position. I was amazed when a couple of weeks later I was offered the position! Thank you Silke for helping me achieve my goal and for helping me think about myself and life in a more positive way!"

* Glenda M. Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast: "I recently had the amazing experience of a Job interview hypnosis and NLP session with Silke Herwald. Silke opened me up to exploring positive thought patterns and broadened my ideas on using different techniques to communicate more effectively with others. Once I understood more about communication I was able to break down barriers which were holding me back from moving towards my goals. I am pleased to say that following this NLP and Hypnosis session, I really did move forward and achieve the goals I had put forward and I have no doubt that my achievement was made incredibly easy thanks to the knowledge and skills I acquired in my hypnosis and NLP session with Silke.
If you are looking for a person to get you back on track, then I would highly recommend you take the time to experience what Silke has to offer."

* Louise T, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast: "Dear Silke,
it was so fantastic to be able to have a NLP and hypnosis session with you before my job interview. The valuable tools, wonderful words of wisdom and great thinking patterns you taught me really helped me relax in the interview and gave me that reassurance and confidence I desperately needed. I felt so refreshed and like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders after having this NLP and hypnosis session with you, which in turn helped me have better night's sleep but most importantly I did acquire my dream job - yeah!!
Thank you so much Silke, I truly appreciate you taking the time to help me. Warm Regards..."

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

* Sandy, Brisbane: "...For once I really enjoyed talking to new people without feeling nervous! And guess what? Someone wants to buy my painting - amazing how this stuff works!"

* Andrew W, Brisbane: “I would highly recommend Silke to anyone who wants to change for the better. She helped me out of a bad place in no time and removed any doubts I ever had about Hypnotherapy.”

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

Confidence / Overcoming Shyness

* Jason, Noosa Heads: "It’s amazing how much my confidence in social situations has increased!! I always felt very uneasy around people, especially people I liked and would have loved to talk to... It feels so good to now just hear myself talk confidently and happily in all social situations... I sometimes stand back and look at myself thinking "wow, that was brilliant, where did I pull that one from...?" I am so happy with who I am now!
Furthermore through the sessions with you I feel generally more confident and things that seemed impossible to me previously, now come totally naturally and easily. I am obviously so much happier."

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

Hypnotherapy Insomnia

* Alan G, Maroochydore: "Dear Silke,
I would like to thank you for helping me sleep again. Now, when I wake up at night, which doesn’t happen very often any more, I use the amazing tools you taught me and use one or two of the strategies you taught me. And then I actually do go back to sleep again. Now I know what it feels like to be fully alert again during the day. I really have left Insomnia behind and I can't believe that at first I was nervous about hypnosis, it's so relaxing and a generally beautiful state."

* Michael Doneman, Brisbane: "Dear Silke, I'm writing to offer my heartfelt gratitude for your leadership in the work we did together, and my appreciation of both the skills and the spirit of your practice. I finally had time to reflect on our final session, its insights and the deep, abiding empathy stemming from your own 'quiet'.
Our final hypnosis session was wonderful, literally, full of wonders, but I think it was so because of the preceding sessions. (...) The result is affirming and at the same time transformational; you have certainly helped me deal with my insomnia, to thank my 'clever' thinking self as I gently show him to the door, but in doing this you have given me a technique I can apply elsewhere, not least in my meditation practice. I am truly grateful.”

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person

Phobia Cure

Comment from Silke Herwald to below hypnotherapy testimonial : I met Chris at a workshop at Taronga Zoo. When you come to my hypnotherapy centre there will never be an animal! Rest assured that you will never be asked to look at or hold an animal!

* Chris Evens, Sydney: "I have had a phobia of spiders for as long as I can remember. As a 30 year old struggling with this phobia in the UK, my move to Australia for work was filled with thoughts of the fantastic experience ahead, the change in lifestyle……. and the spiders. I actually considered not moving as my fear of spiders was so strong. 
I had to get my girlfriend to remove 5 Huntsman Spiders in my house that left me in a constant state of heightened anxiety. I found myself visualising spiders everywhere, if I moved a pillow, if I lifted a box, if I opened a cupboard I saw spiders – like a imaginary hallucination! Of course my stress and anxiety levels certainly where up all the time.
After deciding I needed to conquer this phobia (which was a step in itself) I went to a ‘fearless session’ at Toronga Zoo. It was here that I met Silke Herwald. Silke worked with me for the next 30 minutes on a one to one basis. Silke was extremely calming and made me feel incredibly comfortable through her support.
Silke really took the time to work out what was going on with me personally, and worked through a few different steps to help me remove my fear of the spider. I don’t know how but it worked and I just felt better. When I picked up the jar with the spider in it I felt strange, it was like it was holding a teddy bear. No fear. No fear of spiders... And eventually I held a huntsman in my hand because I wanted to.
From a man fearing the move to Australia in case I saw a huntsman, to holding on in my hands like it was my pet dog. I can’t explain the feeling, the feeling of not feeling scared towards something that only that morning I would have climbed over barbed wire to escape from!
Silke really helped to me make my own decision to face my fear, at my pace, crush a 30 year phobia in a few hours. I recommend anyone with a phobia to try this out – I would go as far as to say that Silke and the fearless team have completely changed my life. Thank you so much! "

(*) Results and timeframes vary from person to person