Quit Smoking Hypnosis Brisbane and Sunshine Coast includes: 

  • 1x up to 2 hour or 2 and a half hour long session. It is specifically tailored to you and your needs to give up smoking with hypnotherapy

  • 1x one hour follow up stop smoking hypnosis session, a week or a fortnight later depending on what works best for you

  • 1x Quit smoking hypnotherapy recording for you

  • Your own special stop smoking craving buster technique

  • Please check with your private health fund if your level of cover includes a rebate for hypnotherapy to give up smoking

  • If you use smoking as a crutch please contact me before booking your quit smoking hypnotherapy and NLP appointment as you might need my help being able to be calm and confident first

  • Quit smoking hypnosis sunshine coast works

Call 0422 525 843 now to become a Non Smoker, it may be easier than what you thought... 

Quick Facts on quit smoking hypnosis Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Paddington, Sunshine Coast in Peregian Beach and Birtinya:

- Imagine not feeling deprived but happy to be a Non Smoker....
- The way I work allows you to feel that you have a true choice and your choosing to be a Non Smoker, not because you should, or have to... But because YOU want to....
- And you want to stop smoking with hypnosis and NLP in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast
- Give up Smoking Hypnotherapy Sessions are 2 sessions: one up to 2 hours, plus a 1 hour follow up a week later, plus a hypnosis quit smoking recording
- Call 0422 525 843 now to give up smoking Brisbane and Sunshine Coast
- Stop Smoking hypnosis combined with the science and art of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a lot more powerful than quit smoking hypnosis alone
- I am a fully certified Master Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner NLP
- I work in a very professional environment with reception service and other therapists
- Before you call to give up smoking make sure you read the bit below...


"Through Hypnotherapy and NLP, you had given me the power of choice back, I NOW CHOOSE NOT TO SMOKE... Thank you!"* - Andy, Sunshine Coast
"I used to smoke about 30 a day and now I am a happy Non Smoker. Once we dealt with the underlying anxiety and anger it was comparatively easy to stop smoking... "* - Robyn, Brisbane
"WOW, honestly, just wow. I am not thinking about cigarettes anymore. To quit Smoking with hypnotherapy was the best thing I've done for myself..." * - Mary, Sunshine Coast
"I am just sooo glad that I came to see you in Brisbane to give up smoking with hypnosis. I never thought I'd find it that easy to quit smoking. Thank you!"* -  Tom, Brisbane

(*) Results may vary from person to person

By the way, a long time ago I was a happy 20 plus a day Smoker myself. So, I'd like to think I understand a bit where you are coming from... Now you have decided to give up smoking and soon you'll be glad to be a Non-smoker, because of this hypnotherapy quit smoking program! So call 0422 525 843 now... 

Make sure you read this before your appointment: Why hypnotherapy and NLP is so effective to assist someone like you to stop smoking with hypnosis in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast

For many people a stop smoking session hypnotherapy session is a one off. For others they might need a few give up smoking hypnotherapy and NLP sessions, especially if there are any underlying emotions and smoking is used as a crutch. For example if smoking was used to deal with anxiety, stress, depression, guilt, unpleasant memories, insecurities or social situations.... In which case it's usually useful to do a few NLP and hypnotherapy sessions on those things first. Once you don't actually need the crutch anymore then you can book a Stop Smoking hypnotherapy session... So before you call: it is your responsibility to have an honest conversation with yourself and make a decision. 

Okay, you're over toying with the idea to give up smoking. You have realised that you want t be smoke free. Quitting smoking is no longer something you feel you “should” be doing, but something you really want to be doing. Because you know your life will be better for it, your children will grow up in a Non Smoking environment, you are being the role model you want to be, you’re finally able to set yourself free knowing that you’ve done it!
So when you are finally over the weeks, months, years of "I should quit smoking some time..." you may still have a little bit of a battle inside your head: “do it, no don't do it, ahhh come one you gotta stop smoking one day anyway, but not now...”
And on and on it goes. In your sessions with me you will also take care of those opposing sides so you can finally quieten your mind in a new way...
You have decided that the time to quit smoking is now! You're fed up with it and you want to be a Non Smoker. Great! And you decided you want to stop smoking with hypnosis, which, as research shows is the most effective way. But full disclaimer: Quit smoking with hypnosis is not a magic fix! You will be doing a bit of work here…
You are now choosing to quit smoking with hypnotherapy. With my help you will enjoy new coping mechanisms for stress, boredom or whatever triggered the old smoking habit. As a matter of fact many of my former clients report that their overall fitness levels and well-being has increased profoundly after their hypnosis stop smoking sessions. Call 0422 525 843


Research shows that stop smoking hypnosis has a 60% success rate (research below). When combined with NLP and latest tools and techniques from modern psychology the success rate goes up even further. People who come to see me average about 80% success rate, especially if they have dealt with underlying emotions first. This is pretty extraordinary and hence there is no need for any of the fabricated so called 'guarantees' some stop smoking hypnotherapists use. The odds are stacked so much in your favour anyway. Plus, as a registered member of both leading Australian Hypnotherapist Associations it is against their code of ethics to give any guarantees... No guarantees, just your responsibility. And my responsibility to do my best work. Every time. 

How to prepare?

For you to get the most out of your stopping smoking hypnotherapy session it is important to keep in mind that you are quitting smoking because YOU want to! And not because someone else wants you to, someone else is on your case and you think 'okay I'll give it a go' or because you want to do someone a favour or because you feel like you should stop smoking... Those are all great reasons but by far the best one and really the only one that will get you over the line, is because you want to stop smoking! If you're only going to quit smoking because of someone else, then please call me when YOU truly want to and you are ready!

Stop smoking hypnosis doesn't mean you don't have to do anything. You are the most active part in this, I am just a tour-guide... Quit smoking hypnotherapy can make it a whole lot easier for you when you are truly committed to your goal. But you’re the one giving up smoking. And no, there are no guarantees. In the same way that you will never get a guarantee from your GP, Personal Trainer, gym membership, surgeon, physio therapist or any other true professional.

Have a think about these things: 
Let's say you always had a smoke:
- ...with your morning coffee... What will you be doing instead? 
- ...after food...  What will you be doing instead? 
- ...when you need a break...? You'll still need the break so what will you be doing instead? 

Think about those things before you come to see me and you are stacking the cards in your favour.

It is you who's stopping smoking and becoming a Non smoker. I have nothing to do with it other than to be your guide. You can quit smoking with hypnosis relatively easily and stop smoking for good because:

You want to stop smoking because you'll feel much better as a Non smoker...
You want to quit smoking because you'll have more money...
You want to become a Non Smoker because you are not enjoying it anymore...
You want to give up smoking because you get your freedom back...
You want to quit because you hate being controlled by the smokes...
You want to stop smoking because your health & fitness improves both short term and long term...
You want to become a Non Smoker because you hate having to go outside when everyone else is having a good time without you...
You want to give up smoking because you'll be a great example to your children or be able to run around with them...

I'm sure you have a lot more reasons to stop smoking with hypnotherapy...

Many Ex Smokers who have come to see me for hypnosis to stop smoking report how easy they found it to quit smoking with hypnosis and most wished they'd come to the give up smoking sessions sooner. Still you have to take full responsibility and show full commitment. People often say: “how come you help so many people quit smoking in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast?”

Well, it's simple, because my Hypnotherapy quit smoking sessions are specifically designed to assists you to stop smoking is one long session (100 minutes to 2 hours) and one short follow up (up to 60 minutes).
You can come to see me for quit smoking hypnotherapy in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. If you don't live in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast I also offer a 2.5 to 3 hour quit smoking hypnotherapy session. So you only need to travel to Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast once for your stop smoking hypnotherapy session. 
This is only applicable for people with no anxiety, no emotional connections to smoking or any of the other issues explained above. And no! As I said for ethical reasons I do not give any guarantees for stop smoking hypnotherapy and NLP. 

Obviously if the key to your smoking is underlying anxiety, depression, guilt, grief or otherwise emotional then you need to be aware that you might need a few hypnosis and NLP sessions before you are actually ready to do a stop smoking hypnotherapy session... Hence you need to have a very honest conversation with yourself and let me know before booking your stop smoking hypnosis sessions. Feel free to send me an email silke@australianhypnotherapycentre.com.au

Sometimes people who want to stop smoking with hypnosis try to hand over their responsibility for stopping smoking to me... No thanks, it’s all yours. I don't rob my clients of their personal power and responsibility! 

Some people choose to totally stop smoking after one hypnosis quit smoking session, others choose to reduce and yet others choose to do another or a few more quit smoking hypnotherapy sessions. Every person is different and there are no guarantees.  

You know, successfully giving up smoking with hypnotherapy and NLP is more rewarding than you ever thought possible. And it's a great feeling to know that you are a Non Smoker for life. With these new tools you can chose to give up smoking for good, which can be facilitated through modern hypnosis and professional hypnotherapy with NLP so give me a call 0422 525 843 now for all stop smoking locations: Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.
Like many other happy Non Smokers who have come to see me for Stop Smoking Hypnosis agreed: becoming a Non Smoker is far more exciting, far easier, far more rewarding and far more important than you thought!


In a Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking study, where smokers attended individual hypnotherapy to stop smoking over three sessions, 81% have given up stopped smoking after the hypnosis treatment ended, and at a 12 month follow-up nearly 50% previous smokers remained smoke free and 95% were satisfied with their quit smoking hypnosis treatment.
References: Elkins GR, Rajab MH. (2004)  "Hypnosis Smoking Cessation" International Journal of Hypnosis 2004 Jan; 52 (73-81)
Watkins reported 78% immediately quit smoking with hypnosis and 76% hypnosis stop smoking success at six months and in a review of research, Holroyd found rates at six month hypnotherapy stop smoking follow up of up to 88%.

Here is what other research shows about the success rates of various ways to stop smoking: 
•   Stop smoking hypnosis, single session hypnosis 60%
•   Acupuncture 24%
•   Nicotine patches 10%
•   Willpower 6%
Source: New Scientist, Vol 136, October 1992

Make the change...
                       ...and live the life you want!

To book now call 0422 525 843 for Brisbane and Sunshine Coast now. Or if you are a bit unsure how to approach this please send an email to silke@australianhypnotherapycentre.com.au

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