The fear of Public Speaking is probably the number one fear in the corporate world. There even is a term for it: glossophobia or speech anxiety. Some also refer to it as presentation fear or speech phobia. Yet other ask me how to improve confidence in speaking or how to be good at public speaking.

The word glossophobia derives from two greek words. Glossa meaning tongue and phobos meaning fear or dread. Some people I see “only” have this specific phobia, while others may also have broader social phobia or social anxiety. That’s okay, we can work with all of it. All you want is to conquer the fear of public speaking, become more calm and confident and then get on with life and your job.

I have worked with many leaders who refused a promotion for fear of having to do more public speaking... You don't have to do that! You can conquer your fear of Public Speaking and become confident! Yes of course, you need to know your stuff and it helps being prepared.
Presentation fear, social anxiety, being nervous, shaky voice or hands hands, blushing, not sleeping the night before, anxiety over public speaking can really be a thing of the past.

Instead imagine your presentation or important meeting like this:

  • Being confident

  • Feeling well prepared

  • Calmly sharing what you know

  • Not worrying about what questions might come up

  • Sleeping well before your presentation or important meeting

  • Walking out and giving yourself a high five, going "well done, that was actually pretty good"

Thank you so much! It’s not so much that I seem to have conquered my speech phobia, it’s more that I wasn’t concerned... I knew I could still fear the presentation, but it was as if I simply chose not to... I used your great tools and will continue to do so. Thank you for helping me increase my confidence in public speaking and in myself!
— Sue M. - Brisbane *

Many of my clients notice marked improvements after as little as 2 or 3 sessions. I work in with you and your schedule. I even offer sessions on the weekend. Saturdays in Birtinya and Sundays in Paddington. Many of my clients chose to do a 3 or 4 hour long intensive.

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Attending a course for public speaking vs sorting out the root cause of the problem

Of course you can read books and learn techniques and do amazing keynotes and powerpoint presentations but when your own mind lets you down, it's just no fun. And as I always say: "Unless the way you feel on the inside has changed, nothing has really changed…"

I bet you have tried things before to become more confident with public speaking and giving presentations. And it didn't work, which is why you are reading this now. Of course you know what you should do and how to structure your presentation. Still that phobic, panic, anxious feeling hasn't gone away. It's because it is an unconscious response. And if you could have solved it with logical thinking, talking about or attending courses, you would have solved it by now! Your unconscious processes simply need some help! And the most efficient way is by working with your unconscious processes in a way that works. Utilising Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, modern hypnosis, professional hypnotherapy and Mind Training in a way that allows you to make the changes you want. To improve your confidence in speaking, presentations and communicating overall.

That’s the way you will set yourself free.  You might surprise and delight yourself when you can share your knowledge and your expertise.

When you feel differently, you think differently and act differently. Imagine having conquered your fear of public speaking… Just you being you, talking about what you know and making it count. 

As I was standing outside waiting my turn, I felt great. I went in and nailed my presentation. As a professional I really noticed the extra mile you went to help me. I’m most grateful for your help!
— Keith* - Brisbane

"But I have always had this fear / these nerves..."

I hear that a lot. You haven’t always had it, you weren’t born with it. You may have learned it along the way, most likely in school or when having to do something at a family gathering or whatever. Your fear of public speaking has been learned. It is often many different fears rolled up in one. Fear of failure, fear of blushing, stuttering or others noticing once nervousness, fear of being embarrassed or not perfect, fear of not remembering what to say, fear of not knowing the answer to a question, fear of the hackler in the audience (there is always one, isn't there?). The list for fear of presentations and public speaking is pretty endless... 

See, one of the jobs of your unconscious is to keep you safe. And once your unconscious has interpreted a certain situation as "unsafe" it's job is to remove you from the perceived threat. The keyword of course is "perceived"... There is no real threat. Even though the fear seems very real.
The fear of the fear is often more paralysing than public speaking or presenting in itself.
You too can conquer the fear or anxiety of public speaking!

I have over 10 years of experience assisting people like you overcome their fear of public speaking and help you turn into a more naturally confident presenter. I use a combination of Mind Training, NLP, hypnosis and professional hypnotherapy

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  • Results may vary from client to client.