Working with Silke online is just the best! I previously saw someone in person with limited success. A friend recommended Silke’s online sessions and it was just the best decision! I feel so much better! Thank you!
— Amanda K - Sydney

Why online hypnotherapy?

While there will always be a place for traditional face-to-face consultations, I also offer online sessions via Skype or Zoom. Many people have received a recommendation from friends or family to see me, yet living abroad or in a different state or territory it is just not practical to travel to see me. Others have children or jobs or other restraints and struggle to come and see me during my practice hours. 
Hence I have been seeing people online for a long time. Advances in telecommunications and information technology makes the world more connected than ever and you too can benefit from online sessions. 

Advantages of online sessions:

  • Save time, money and energy on the commute

  • No hassle with car parks or public transport

  • You know you’ll be comfortable and able to concentrate

  • Flexible days and times

  • Worldwide and interstate

Guidelines for online sessions

There are a few things you need to be aware of for you to get the most out of your session: 

  1. You’ll need a webcam and microphone (if you have a laptop the build in ones are usually fine), even better if you have earphone. Cheap ones or the ones that come with your phone (or with your old phone) will be fine…

  2. A good internet connection is a must. Dial up (does that still exist?) and mobile internet usually don't work so well. Also other members of the household watching Netflix, playing playstation online, down- or uploading anything will compromise the bandwidth available to you.

  3. A quiet room where you will be undisturbed for the duration of the session. You will get the most out of your session when you are sitting at a desk or table.

  4. You'll need to download Skype or Google Hangouts onto your computer or laptop before the session. Which is super easy, costs you nothing and we’re ready to go.

  5. When booking I will also ask for your mobile number so in case anything is difficult I can give you a call and I always allow a little bit of a extra time to sort out the technicalities…

It really is that simple.
So please send me an email and we can organise a time most suitable for your needs. 

I never thought online hypnotherapy sessions would work this well! It was amazing! It is so much better to be working with Silke (who came highly recommended) online than with someone I know nothing about in person! Thank you! Highly recommended!”
— Manu Schulz - Florida

Any questions at all? Just fill in the form below or send an email to and I’ll get back to you asap. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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