How will you know that the time is right to start participating in life again?

Grieving is very personal. It’s different for everybody and I know that full well. There are no rules around this. You need to do what feels right for you.
At some stage in our lives we are all touched by grief. Some more than others. Let me assure you that I didn’t plan on becoming a leading expert on grief. I had to. I had no other choice. Once we get old enough we will all have grieved.

I was the guest speaker on the important subject of grief at the 2019 AHA Hypnotherapy World Conference. I had the great honour to present to and teach other Professionals, Psychologists, Hypnotherapists and Counsellors how to best help the bereaved. Helping people through grief so they can look forward and participate in life once again is one of the most important skills to have.
And I am most delighted that I have been asked to share my gentle and effective way of working with grief and people who are grieving with that many other professionals.

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If you have recently lost someone, it is quite natural to experience grief. It is a process, a really really sad one. I know, at times it feels like you can’t survive. You just want to pull the sheets over your head. And you will get through it.

At first everything seems at a loss. You may feel empty. You may feel like a huge piece of you is missing. You may just want to pull the sheets over your head. And that’s okay. Its also totally okay to not be okay!

Eventually you get to the point when you realise: that you can, you need to continue living. It’s like learning to live life without the beloved person (or animal) in it. It’s also is a bit like learning to move forward without it feeling like you are moving on. Because you don’t want to move on.

Problematic Grief

Grieving becomes problematic when people get stuck and don’t move through the grieving process. This can be very detrimental for the person’s health and their relationships with others.

Here’s the thing, most likely the person (or animal) for who you are grieving, would not want you to be in this much pain. They would want you to live.

What if you could move the horrible memories a bit more into the background, so that you can start to remember the happy memories in a way that makes you feel good? In a way that doesn’t mean you are forgetting them or dishonouring them in any way.

What if you could move forward without any of the negative connotations that “moving on” may have…?

There are so many different facets to overcoming grief.

Guilt, anger, depression, loss, forgiveness, a part of you that doesn’t want to let go of the grief, values, beliefs, finding a way to remember the beloved without feeling like your heart is being ripped out every time….

With many clients I see, there is a huge component of guilt. They often feel like they could have done more or “if only I had sooner”, “why didn’t I…” etc…
Some people logically know, that they did a lot or did their best. It still doesn’t make a difference to the guilty feelings.

It doesn’t matter whether you have just lost someone or if it was years and years ago. When you feel like you are not making progress or for example feel guilty for being or wanting a new relationship then you might like to give me a call. 0422 525 843

You need to grieve in a way that honours the deceased

There may be an unconscious part that still wants to hang on. Because at least it means there still is a connection… Unfortunately though most people I work with don’t actually remember all the good and the happy times they had with the other person. They often have to think hard in order to remember the happy memories. Wouldn’t you want to be able to have access to more of the good memories? Even just spontaneously?

I get it. At the moment it may seems that you can only keep the love and the feeling of connection through the grief… And you want to be able to remember even more and maybe you are afraid that getting rid of the excruciating pain might mean that you haven’t loved enough. Even though you know that that is not true at all!

Remember that childhood friend? Even though you have no idea where they are but when you remember how you used to climb trees or play tag or dress up together it just puts a smile on your face and gives you a good feeling…?

Would you want to remember your loved one in that way too?

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Why you need to come and see me now:

Grief is a great imitator and a great at hiding. I have seen so many people who presented as weight loss, stressed, angry, overwhelmed or depressed and underneath it all was old and problematic grief. Once that was more resolved and they remembered their loved ones (human or animal) with a smile on their faces the other problems started to disappear too.

In September 2019 I’ll be presenting my groundbreaking work at the 2019 AHA World conference. “Grieving resourcefully - an essential life skill for true resilience and existence”

So if you want to work with the expert on all aspects of grief, who will guide you through this process gently and at your pace in a why that is appropriate for you, then please give me a call. on 0422 525 843

I have also helped many people overcome their grief of the loss of their beloved pet. Because they are family too. Some people also tell me that losing their pet was more difficult than losing a sibling or a parent. Our animals are special. They are always forgiving, always loving and always sooo excited to see you coming home…

I even had people come to see me because they had put on lots of weight or thought they had an alcohol or smoking problem. Once we started the session it very quickly became obvious that they were suffering from grief. Grieving can hide behind other problems…

Imagine being able to live again. Recovering from grief is so important. Hence we need to be working with your unconscious processes.

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Animal Grief

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I promise: You will get through this!