SunJet Simulations, Sunshine Coast Aero Club & Flight School and the Australian Hypnotherapy Centre present:
The Fearless Flyer Program!

SunJet Simulations, in partnership with The Australian Hypnotherapy Centre and The Sunshine Coast Aero Club and Flight School, has  created the most comprehensive public fear of flying program available in Australia. Each partner will take you through focused and personalised segments to help you become a fearless flyer.

Our program consists of five steps:

  1. Session with me, Silke Herwald, your Mind Trainer, to help you understand fear and anxiety, you will receive effective relaxation techniques and take first steps to help your mind interpret the situation in a different, calmer way.

  2. Session with a professional pilot who will provide understanding to all the many different technical aspects that govern the world of flight

  3. Session in a full size 737-800 simulator that will give you first hand experience of what it feels like to be in the pilot's seat of a modern jet airliner (It's awesome, I've done it...)

  4. Session four is with me again. We'll discuss your experiences since the first session, what's been better, what has changed and there will be more mind training, NLP and hypnosis.

  5. The final session is where you get to put all your hard work to the practical test, you will get to experience an actual flight in a Piper Sport light aircraft... Just don't enjoy yourself too much! 

Throughout the entire process you will be under the guidance of top tier professionals whose only focus is to help you succeed. So you can just simply get on a plane for no other reason then because you want to....

Bookings and further information: 0422 525 843 or

The role of the mind and the brain in overcoming fear of flying

We all know at a logical level that flying is statistically the safest method of travel but for one person out of five, varying degrees of anxiety are experienced at the thought of being on a plane. This automatic and emotional response is purely subconscious, which like all fears and phobias, doesn’t respond to logic or reasoning of the conscious mind. Some people say that Fear is contagious, children can learn it through the behaviours of others or by having a scary experience, whether that was a real or imagined one is besides the point. Some people I work with have a clear memory of where it started and others have no conscious memory of its origin at all. 

To become a fearless flyer the problem needs to be solved at the level where it exists, the level of the subconscious mind. This part of the mind controls, among many other things, whether to turn the fight or flight response on or off.  With the tools of hypnosis, NLP and mind training these subconscious processes are addressed and used to make flying seem uneventful or even pleasurable.

In the first session with your mind trainer, Silke Herwald, you will get insights into what anxiety is, explore what specifically triggers your fear response and engage in change work. Fear of flying is different for everybody.  There are many different individual triggers. It may be fear of heights, turbulence, not being in control, claustrophobia, negative media reports or simply misinformation about flying... just to name a few.

In order to facilitate the first meeting with your mind trainer, a questionnaire will be provided prior to your first meeting so that the session time can be used most effectively. You can look forward to the following in your first session with me:

  • Discussing your answers to the questionnaire in order to identify the nature of your fears

  • Understanding how your mind and brain works and how you can use this understanding to make a change

  • Insight into the psychology of anxiety in general and your fears specifically

  • Effective relaxation techniques provided

  • First change work and NLP processes carried out

  • Hypnotic trance experiences

All of this happens in your first 2 hour session with me and then you will be guided through steps 2 - 5 by our wonderful, professional and caring team. 

How good will you feel when you have the freedom to fly... where you want to... when you want to with ease?

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