Good questions to ask before you chose the best hypnotherapist for you

How long have they been working with this full time?

Are they a clinical member of the AHA? Student or professional membership is easier to achieve and equals less experience and less training.
Clinical hypnotherapy training is vastly different form a hypnotherapy course.

Do they have a supervisor? There is a commitment to ongoing learning and having a registered supervisor ensures that.

Do they also have NLP training? More tools to work with unconscious processes.

Are they eligible to offer hypnotherapy rebates from private health funds?

Do they work from a professional clinic or from home?

What is hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP

There are so many questions, common misconceptions and myths out there. To give you some guidance read about what hypnotherapy is and how hypnosis works here.

What's the first session like and why is it longer?

The first session is very much about understanding you. Understanding the problem, what you’d like to achieve and assisting you with the work you so you start to notice results as soon as possible.

I explain a lot about how your unconscious mind works so you have a profound understanding of your mind and your unconscious processes. You'll understand how all that relates back to yourself and the issue you came to see me for, hence you can make it all work for you. Once it all starts to make sense, we can start working with your unconscious processes. I will ask you a lot of questions you may not logically know the answer to. 
Remember if you could have solved the problem logically and with the level of thinking you have been employing up till now you would have done so already... You will need to be curious and willing to explore. 
I will help you explore what goes on at the level of your unconscious processes in order for you to do the problem... I don't have any answers but you do! Even though you obviously weren't aware of those... All you need to do is to be open, curious, and ready to explore... 

Furthermore I assist you in getting very clear and specific about your goal, about what you want out of your sessions with me. I do that by asking you questions, to which there are no right or wrong answers... Some of the questions  will help you think differently... 

When a client comes in with a list or a variety of different issues (which happens more often than you might think) then I help you work out which of those problems you'd like to solve first, or what is underneath all of that. Please keep in mind you won't be able to do it all in one session ;-) 

Throughout your sessions with me, you receive tried and tested tools, mind training exercises that are proven to work and which have helped thousands of people before you. They won't take very long to practice daily and given that you are still reading this, you know you want to make the changes, so it'll be easy for you to use those tools, since they do change your life.

Depending on my client, the problem and a few other things we may either do another NLP process or some probably short introductory hypnosis in the first session.

It's definitely fair to say that there is no magic pill. I have had clients who expected me to do all the work and answered every question with either "I can't" or "I don't know". Imagine going to the doctor asking for help and every question the doctor asks, is answered with "I don't know" or "I can't do that"... Chances are there isn't much the doctor can give you... ;-) Some people seem to expect to just close their eyes while I sprinkle some magic fairy dust and make everything magically disappear... Usually those clients also believe in unicorns which have rainbow powers and are approximately 4 years old... Just kidding.... 
Honestly if there was a magic pill I would absolutely love to give it to you! I just don't have it and until it is invented, you'll be the one making the changes... 

I'm the tour guide, I point out the sights and encourage you to explore certain sights or stay away from others, it's your choice to look at the sights or explore them in more depth... Which is greatly empowering because in the end we both know that you did it, you made the change, I showed you the way, you chose to follow. 

Why do different hypnotherapists charge different hourly rates?

I don’t know why other people charge what they do. Ten years ago I certainly didn’t charge what I do today. Also back then I didn’t have the experience, the level of training and effectiveness that I have today.
About 80% of my clients come through referrals from clients and GPs.
Of course there are people who charge less per session. It’s difficult to compare though…

How long before I should start to feel some results?

Most people notice shifts after their very first session with me. Research shows that depending on the problem somewhere between 3 and 6 sessions get results for about 80% of the problems people come to see a good therapist about. 
If there are many different issues that you need to solve then it will take longer. I also assisted people make the shift they wanted in one (very rarely) or two sessions. Everybody is different and it really depends on how much the person is doing what I ask them to do.
This is not a magic pill! And even though you may have seen people access deep hypnotic trance states able to produce powerful hypnotic phenomena at a Hypnosis Show or on TV that is not what hypnosis is about (read more about it on my blog). Those people on a stage won't be clucking like a chicken for the rest of their lives, only for the next few minutes. And I am sure you want your changes to be long lasting and natural. Hence we need to work differently. 

What should I expect?

Firstly see above the answer to question 2. I will assist you to effectively combine a variety of different techniques and tools with in-depth understanding and profound knowledge so you can gain insights and understandings about your unconscious processes. 
To help you overcome the problems in the way that works for you I use methods from various backgrounds: modern hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), rational emotive behaviour therapy, positive psychology, coaching, mind training, time line and occasionally some cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).
I combine all of these and many more so I can genuinely and compassionately assist you in conquering your problems. You will discover very helpful techniques and tools from NLP and other backgrounds and will most likely also experience the great benefits of soothing, relaxing and energising hypnotherapy. You will also receive some amazing mind training tools and obviously it is up to you, to use these. 

How many sessions?

This of course largely depends on the presenting problem and the individual person. Research shows that most people resolve their issue in about three to six sessions. Usually your sessions will be once per week to give you enough time to process and notice what has changed.

Stop Smoking is one up to two hour session plus a 60 minute follow up if there is no emotional aspect with regards to smoking. E.g. a crutch for social anxiety, the only tool a person has for dealing with stress etc.... Most people for whom smoking was just an old habit which they were fed up with, have stopped with ease after that. In case smoking is a crutch for anxiety, social anxiety, feeling uncomfortable in certain situations etc. I highly recommend dealing with that first. You will find more information on the Stop Smoking page. And if you have any questions please send me an email or give us a call

Does my private health-fund pay for the treatment?

As a clinical member of the AHA my services are eligible for rebates. Since terms and conditions of private health funds keep changing and it very much depends on your level of cover, please check with your private health-fund what your benefits for Hypnotherapy are.

Will I learn any techniques to assist me in my daily life?

Yes. I believe in empowering you as much as possible. Hence to help you in the best way it is necessary for you to not only have but actually be able to use these techniques in your daily life. I share with you deeply insightful knowledge and information. All of these assists you to live the life you want!

Do you have a supervisor?

Yes I do.
I also am Supervisor for a large number of clinical and professional hypnotherapists all over Australia.

How long have they been working with this full time?

I started my hypnotherapy clinic on the side while I still had a corporate job. Quickly my reputation grew and I was able to cut my job to part time. And now I have been a full time hypnotherapist for over ten years and a Hypnotherapy Supervisor for over 7 years.

Do you provide any medical advice?

No, I do not offer any medical advice nor any medical treatment.

Can you give me a diagnosis?

No, I do not diagnose, I only work with what you present. 

Can you give me advice on my medication?

No! This is for you to discuss with your GP. 

Do you work from a professional clinic?

Yes I do. In my experience it works better that way. Personally I wouldn’t feel entirely comfortable going to a strangers house and trying to concentrate and relax. But hey, that’s just me.

Do you offer counselling services?

No, I do not offer any counselling services. Also it is important for you to know that I do not offer Psychotherapy, Psychology, Counselling, old style hypnotherapy, CBT, talk therapy nor anything New Age!

Is your treatment safe?

Yes, this treatment is completely safe and has no side effects.

What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

You can find a longer introductory explanation here. 

It is not a magic pill! I do not have a magic wand nor am I a magician who is able to make people do things. If you were looking for magic, for someone else to do the work for you, then I am sorry that this is not for you. 
Hypnosis is perfectly safe and is a state of unconscious awareness. In trance or in hypnosis you are able to hear everything that’s going on, you remember everything and you will not become unconscious. It is not at all what TV shows or stage hypnosis tries to make you believe. Hypnosis is much like day dreaming when your mind may wander or when you're driving and after 5 minutes you go 'wow, I'm here already...' or when your playing sports and everything just flows, or you're fishing or surfing and you don't know how much time has passed. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state and you go into it many time during the day...

Can I just come in for my treatment or do I need to book an appointment?

All consultations are by appointment only. Please call 0422 525 843 to book your appointment so you can start your journey towards the life you want now.

What conditions do you not treat?

Anyone with suicidal tendencies, bipolar, schizophrenia, multi personality disorder, anorexia, bulimia and anyone on anti psychotic drugs. Please see your GP, Psychiatrist or call Lifeline on 131114.