Hypnotherapy should be compulsory for anyone in a leadership role! I highly recommend Silke. It is amazing, I feel so much lighter, clearer and ready to get on with it.
— Janet P. - Brisbane - 2009 *

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Do you want to work with a clinical hypnotherapist who has over 10 years experience in helping people achieve what they want…?

Hi I’m Silke,
I am a professional clinical hypnotherapist. I always believed in training with the best and most experienced so I can help you make the changes you want. I use a unique combination of NLP Neuro Linguistic programming, modern hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapy and coaching based principles.
I am highly experienced, down to earth, totally non judgemental and straight forward. When I first started with hypnosis I was rather sceptical myself. But the results I got bot for myself and my hypnosis clients were just undeniable.
My clients are not broken and they don’t need to be fixed!

Whatever the problem is that you are having: if you could have solved it by consciously thinking about it, if you could have solved it with your rational thinking mind you would have done it by now! And you certainly wouldn’t be reading this. The problem needs to get solved at the level where it actually exists which is at the level of your unconscious mind, the seat of all automatic behaviours, thought processes, beliefs and values. And by far the most efficient way to assist you change unconscious processes is with hypnosis.

I combine over 10 years experience in my Brisbane hypnosis clinic. What you want is to be free. You want to feel empowered and get some relief. Clinical hypnotherapy with a highly skilful hypnotherapist is the most efficient way to get what you want.

I am a full clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapist association and professional member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists and I am a Supervisor for both associations. So ask your private health fund if you are eligible for a rebate for my hypnotherapy services.

Do you want to...? 

  • Beat anxiety...?

  • Enjoy more confidence...?

  • Get rid of excess weight…?

  • Deal with stress more easily...?

  • Feel at ease when public speaking...?

  • Stop procrastinating and get the important things done with ease...?

  • Hack into your unconscious processes and learn to run your brain efficiently...?

How it works:

You are not broken! And you don’t need to be fixed! You are just running around with some unconscious software that isn’t working for you.

The fastest way to experience clarity, focus and relief is by working with an experienced and skilled hypnotherapist like me. I work completely in line with what you want to achieve and I help you feel better and more resourceful within yourself. Feel empowered with the power of hypnosis.

I have been practicing in my hypnotherapy clinic in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for over 10 years.

To book please call my reception on 5373 8566. Jane and Kristy are happy to help and will answer your questions.
Or if you have any question about how I can help you, please just send me an email: silke@australianhypnotherapycentre.com.au

I should have seen Silke years ago! I am so much clearer and more focussed, now I just get things done. No more procrastinating and no more excuses!
— Tony, Brisbane 2013 *

Your unconscious processes...

...are all those tings that happen automatically: your nodding in agreement in a conversation. You didn't think that now would be a good time to nod, it just happens. 

Just like nodding you have many other patterns that run automatically.  It's like old software program that has run it's cause and needs an update so you can respond differently.

When working with hypnotherapy and NLP we don't really need to go into the story or "the why". It was probably difficult enough when it first happened so there really is no point in rehashing it. It's more a matter of finding a way that works for you so that you can move forward. That's why change at the level of the subconscious is easy, natural, automatic and effortless. And the easiest, fastest and most straight forward way is hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

Patterns, beliefs and unconscious lasting change

Do you experience a certain pattern repeating itself? Are you over it? Now it is time to give me a call so you can change that once and for all.

Whatever the problem may be, whatever held you back... If you could have solved it by talking or thinking about it, you would have done that by now. The reason you haven't is because the problem actually exists at the level of your unconscious. Hence you will need to solve it there. Easiest done with hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP . 

Let's get this clear: Hypnosis is by no means a magic bullet. If you are willing to explore and learn, are ready to make lasting changes and get rid of things that are not working for you anymore, then I can assist you.

Just being asked all these great questions is totally worth it... The real work started and wow did it make a change! I feel no longer like a fraud and am confident to speak up in meetings and present my work proudly in front of people. I know I belong here! Thank you!
— Nicole, Brisbane, 2010 *

NLP, modern hypnosis, coaching, clinical hypnotherapy and mind training combined =>
powerful change work to assist you get what you want.

To assist you make the changes you want I use a unique combination of NLP, modern hypnosis, coaching and clinical hypnotherapy. All of these help your unconscious make changes at a profound level. Ultimately you'll experience relief. 

Hypnosis also helps in the process of your brain rewiring itself. Neruo-hypnotic-rewiring.
So you can think differently about the same things. When you make changes at the level of the unconscious, then new ways of thinking, processing and the resulting behaviours become natural and automatic. That's the change you want! A natural, automatic change. 


I specialise in helping Brisbane leaders achieve what they want. 
Fear of meetings, struggling with those difficult conversations or confrontations, worrying too much about what others may think, fear of public speaking, taking things too personal, fear of failure, "feeling like a fake" or "not being good enough"...

Consider hypnotherapy for increasing confidence, hypnosis for overcoming nerves in public speaking and combined with NLP you’ll be empowered.

I just gave my first presentation without freaking out! I felt calm, just said what I had to say and I could think clearly! This is amazing. I feel so much better! Thank you for all your help!
— *Alana P. - Brisbane

And just because you are a leader doesn't mean you need to be perfect! You're striving for excellence and  you do what it takes. 

As a highly qualified and experienced professional myself, I understand that you are busy and time is of the essence. Hence I am in Brisbane twice a month on a Sunday. And we will do a three hour break through session. So that you walk out of here feeling tangibly different. You’ll know you have changed…
Our extremely helpful and warm reception will make you feel instantly at ease and sessions are always insightful and invigorating. And you will be perfectly fine to get on with the rest of your Sunday feeling invigorated and better about yourself.

To book your session of hypnotherapy, coaching NLP in Brisbane please call (07) 5373 8566. All my bookings for hypnotherapy Brisbane and Sunshine Coast locations are handled by Jane and Kristy my reception superstars!

You are well looked after from the moment of your first call to book your hypnotherapy appointment for Brisbane. Our friendly receptionists are in charge of all my appointments and will take your bookings for NLP, coaching and hypnosis Brisbane.


√ Become naturally confident
√ Go for that promotion
√ Stop procrastinating
√ Get rid off limiting beliefs
√ Become the leader you strive to be
√ Get amazing communication skills and instant rapport
√ Create an environment where your team leaves work feeling great about the day and looking forward to the next

Over the past 10+ years I have assisted people overcome a great variety of issues with the great tools of NLP, clinical hypnotherapy, Mind Training and modern hypnosis. I have specialised over the last ten years in leadership and helping people achieve personal excellence.

√ Highly experienced, professional, female Master Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP
√ Professional, discrete and comfortable environment
√ Thousands of satisfied clients, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Noosa, Gold Coast, Sydney, U.S.A., U.K., Germany, UAE
√ Each session is tailor made to your specific needs
√ Make great and lasting changes with Hypnotherapy in Brisbane
√ I am a Supervisor for the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH) and the Australian Hypnotherapist Association (AHA)

In order to assist you get what you want I combine years and years of experience with mind training, modern hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapy and NLP. So make a fresh start now with your Brisbane hypnotherapy & NLP sessions.

Call 5373 8566 for all Brisbane Hypnotherapy right in the CBD


Your first hypnotherapy and NLP session is two hours at $340 or three hours at $490 or one hour at $185 (all prices inclusive of GST) .

It really depends on you and your schedule, I work in with what works for you. In the shorter sessions we mainly create a mutual understanding of what you want to achieve. We find out what's been stopping you and what needs to happen to make that happen. The longer your initial session is the more change work you will get done in that session…

If you can fit in an hour at first, that’s fine because then have already created a strategic plan about what needs to happen and on your next session we dive straight into the change work. Many of my clients have great break-throughs after as little as 3 hours of working with me. And some people chose to come in every coule of month for an oil change, as some of my clients chose to call it.

It’s about the time you spend working on it, whether that is in a longer series of shorter sessions or in just a few 3 to 4 hour long break through sessions. => I work in with your needs and your availability. I'm on your side and I cater to your needs. 

I practice in my hypnotherapy clinic in Brisbane twice a month on Sundays for break through sessions.

Ask your private health fund for a rebate for hypnotherapy. I am a registered hypnotherapist and a full clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) and a registered professional member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists. I am also an accredited Supervisor for both Hypnotherapy Associations.


Diploma of Modern Wellness Psychology
Clinical Supervisor Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
Clinical Supervisor Australian Hypnotherapist Association
Master Clinical Hypnotherapist
Master Hypnotist
Master Practitioner NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Advanced Medical Hypnosis
Certificate rapid and instant inductions
Certificate Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Certificate Rational Emotive Therapies
Clinical Member Australian Hypnotherapist Association
Registered Professional Member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
Bachelor in Business
Masters degree in Marketing
Senior First Aid 

Registered Professional Member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH) and Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA)

* results may vary from client to client.

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Enjoy your changes with successful Brisbane Hypnotherapy