Official speaker at the AHA Hypnotherapy world conference

On Sunday was my presentation at the world conference. And it was awesome…
I presented to a wonderful audience of highly experienced and internationally renown Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors.

The title of my presentation?

From grief to growth - Grieving resourcefully as a true and learnable skill for real resilience

I did put a fair amount of work into my presentation simply because I want as many other therapists as possible to be able to have the tools they need to really help the bereaved through that difficult time.
Unfortunately still today many people seems to think they need to get through it alone or they go to Counselling and talk about it. Which may work for some people in the beginning… But at the end of the day it is all about finding away to feel that you can participate in life again without feeling like you’re moving on or leaving your loved one behind.

My mission is to change how we grief, how therapists help the bereaved, how we as society support the grieving and what each individual can do to help.

On Sunday I accomplished a great step forward in this mission.

I am so grateful for having been given this opportunity by the AHA and I am grateful to everyone who attended my presentation!

Silke Herwald Grief Hypnotherapy