Ready, Set, Go

So here we go, the first blog entry of the new site... 
When I build this new, mobile friendly site for some odd reason the blog entries from the old site didn't import. All this reminded me of two things A) I Realised just how old the old website was since when the old one was build nobody even thought of mobile friendly since mobile phones were big things that were capable of doing 2 things: phone calls and text messages.... 
B) In order to achieve anything in life we need 5 ingredients. 

1. A goal. 
If you don't have a target, it's pretty darn hard to hit it... 

2. Belief
Without believing that you will eventually hit your target,  what's the point of even shooting the first arrow...? 
But always remember that beliefs change and you simply haven't managed to hit your target just YET. Every time you aimed for it and didn't get it, you have learned something from that attempt.

3. Strategy & Action
You do need a strategy about the actual 'how to' to hit that target. 

4. Determination
 Lots of it.... Tenacity, resolution, resolve, passion. Call it what you want but you didn't learn to walk in a day nor did you get to the next level of any computer game the first or second time you tried either...

5. Feedback mechanisms
It's important to pay attention to feedback, to learn from it and to adjust the strategy and your actions accordingly. By doing that you get closer to your target next time you aim and shoot. 

My goal was to have a new mobile friendly website up by a certain date and then to add more bits and pieces to it later. The first part was great, the second was destined for a not so great result from the start as it had no time frame on it. When exactly is later...? 

At first I didn't quite have the belief that I could get it done in the short time I had set nor did I belief I could work out the technicalities but with every problem that came up and got solved my belief increased. 

Yes I did have a strategy including a fall back plan and of course bucket loads of determination. I responded to feedback real quick, actively checked out what was working and what wasn't...

So there you go.