You are not broken. You don't need to be fixed.
Problems are not the problem, coping is. 
Let's face it: if you could have solved the problem by thinking about it, solved it with your conscious, logical, rational mind you would have done it by now. The problem actually exists at the level of your subconscious. So you need to sort it out at the level of your unconscious. 
Hence the way this works is different to anything you have experienced before. 
Working with unconscious processes is very much a collaborative approach, it's team work. And it most certainly is not something I do on you. It is more of a dance. 
Hypnotherapy, Mind Training and NLP assists you make those lasting changes in a way that works for you.
If you are curious and open to explore, then please do give me a call. 

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Quit Smoking
Public Speaking
Success Coaching
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Call 0422 525 843 to book your first appointment. Circle Wellness will answer the phone as all my bookings are handled by my reception.  

My friendly and helpful reception will answer your questions and help you with your booking. 

Your first session will be between 90min and 2 hours. 

If you are not ready yet , you are most welcome to send me an email. Please check out the other pages too, there might be answer there. 
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Supervision is much more than just a mandatory requirement for all practicing members of a reputable Hypnotherapy Association like the AHA and ASCH.

As a registered Supervisor my job is to help you improve, get more effective and efficient than you already are.  It doesn't matter if you are a Member of an association or not, my hope is that you are aways learning and improving so you can assist your clients even more profoundly. 

I am a registered Supervisor for the Australian Society of Hypnotherapists and the Australian Hypnotherapist Association.

Sessions are group or individual. 
Click here for more information on supervision.