Use your brain - for a change...!
— Richard Bandler
  • Do you know what you should be doing but somehow you're not actually doing it?
  • Are you "self sabotaging"?
  • Have you been trying to work things out with logical / rational thinking ...but only got so far with it?
  • Do you find yourself repeating the same pattern over and over again...? 

Welcome to your unconscious processes! 

Here is little hint: Your unconscious is always working for you!
I know, I know it doesn't always seem that way...!
At least your unconscious is always trying to work for you and it can only do that in the best way it has learned up till this moment in time how to do. And once you understand how you can help your unconscious you've got an empowering and wonderful combination... 

If you have been curious about hypnosis and / or NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming), have been wanting to understand more, have been wondering why all that analysing, understanding and logical thinking hasn't gotten you to where you'd like to be, have been waiting for a good opportunity to ask questions or wish to experience hypnosis in a safe environment, then join Silke on Tuesday 4th July from 6.00-7.30pm at Circle Wellness Clinic, Peregian Beach.
Cost is $37.50 if booked in advance or $45 on the day
Very limited places available, please call 5471 2201 to book your spot. 

There will be no lying down, no spookiness, no dangling pocket watches! Just some straightforward insightful understandings.

If you like you can also enjoy an experience of what hypnosis is like for you. If you don't that's fine too!  

This little workshop is for you if you are someone who: 
is curious, who wants to feel empowered, wants to understand how to make real change happen, has had enough of beating themselves up, wants to get an understanding about what is actually happening on the inside of their head. 

This little workshop is probably not for you if you are someone who prefers: 
someone to do the work for them, to talk about a problem or to find reasons for problems.


Quit Smoking Seminar Sunshine Coast

Next Stop Smoking Seminars in October 2017

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Brisbane:    22.10.2016: 8.30am - 11.30am,  SOLD OUT!

Sunshine Coast:    22.10.2016: 2.30pm - 5.30pm, Birtinya SOLD OUT!

Small group! Maximum 11 participants - Book online now!
Fee: $277.00 includes stop smoking hypnosis recording and all booking fees



"I have been to seminars and read books on quitting smoking... And nobody has ever made me think about smoking in this way and it totally changes everything. Thank you so much!" - Chris, Brisbane*

"Wow, what a game changer this is! If only I had known how good this is I would've done this much sooner!" - Tim, Sunshine Coast*

*results may vary from person to person

Smoking - Are you over it?

  • Do you want to be in control again...? Do you need help for stopping smoking...?
  • Have you tried willpower, patches, acupuncture, prescribed anti smoking medication or cold turkey and it didn't really work for you? Or is this your first go at stopping ? 

=> You just haven't been to one of these profound anti smoking seminars yet
=> Whether you are a 10 or a 60 a day smoker, the principles how your mind and brain relates to smoking are the same
=> Because you are reading this, you know the right time to book in and finally become a Non Smoker is now
=> This seminar is for you ! Do it !

Why this Quit Smoking Seminar? 

  • A very small group of people with exactly the same goal
  • Hypnosis is statistically proven to be by far the most effective way to stop smoking for good
  • Stop smoking hypnotherapy combined with Mind Training and NLP, a truly powerful combination 
  • A part of you really wants to stop smoking...? Yet another part of you doesn't want to quit ? 
    You'll take care of the inner conflict in this seminar !
  • It never seems like quite the right time to quit? 
    You'll know exactly when the right time is...
  • Do you wonder what life is going to be like when you don't smoke anymore ? 
    Imagine not having to worry about cigarettes and smoke related illnesses anymore... The relief...
  • Do you wonder who you will be when you quit smoking ? 
    Just imagine your loved ones when they know you are a Non Smoker ?
  • Are you over feeling out of control when it comes to cigarettes or quitting? 
    Imagine feeling in control again... Free to live life.... Not dictated by tobacco anymore...

=> You will get the answers in this seminar
=> Take care of the inner conflict and resolve it once and for all... This step alone profoundly reduces stress so quitting become easy
=> Enjoy having new coping mechanisms for stress
=> Feel empowered by having made the change yourself
=> Get your freedom back and feel in control again!

  • Have you spent enough time beating yourself up about it or telling yourself next week, next month, next year...?
  • Book online now !

=> What you get:

  • The approaches used in these Quit Smoking Seminars have been tried and tested over many years and have consistently produced outstanding results
  • Neutralise your personal smoking triggers
  • Get the tools to set yourself free from the addiction and the habit
  • Benefit from having two super fast and effective stress release & craving buster techniques at your disposal (that alone is worth the seminar...)
  • Small groups 11 people max, great group support if desired or just do your own thing. I promise I don't bother anyone who is happier just doing their own thing.
  • Stop Smoking Hypnosis, NLP and Mind Training
  • Access to a free follow up Stop Smoking Recording (normally $87.00) 
  • Be prepared to have your mind blown in all the right ways

Important things to note aka Fine Print:

  • Small groups, only 11 participants max
  • As a courtesy to yourself and others please be on time!!!
  • There are no refunds and no guarantees.
    I am bound by the code of ethics of my associations (AHA and ASCH) and hence I am unable to give guarantees. Think about it this way: if I was to give you a guarantee, then who's responsibility would it be? I work by empowering my clients and can you imagine how much better you feel when you know you have taken responsibility and you have succeeded and made that change..? 
  • You will feel greatly empowered because you have made a decision and decided to stick with that decision. A sure way to make yourself feel proud and good about yourself!
  • Please bring your last packet of cigarettes / rollies / tobacco with you to the seminar!
  • These seminars are not suitable as gifts: As much as I understand that you'd really like to help your loved one...
    The person wanting to stop needs to do so out of their own volition. Hence they need to make the decision that now is the right time, simply because they themselves had enough and want to be a Non Smoker. 
  • Your friend may have asked you to book them in together with you, this is not an option. It's similar to gifting the seminar, responsibility is key. Think about it: if your friend can't even find the 4 minutes it takes to book online, then how important is it at this stage in their life?
Your facilitator and mind trainer silke herwald

Your facilitator and mind trainer silke herwald

Are there any guarantees?

A lot of the statistics you may have read which offer something like a 96% or even 99% success rate are just rubbish, fabricated marketing information with absolutely no research or substance behind them....

I am bound by the code of ethics of my associations (AHA and ASCH). It is against the code of ethics to give guarantees. So no member of a respected Hypnotherapy Association is allowed to give guarantees.

However the statistics work in your favour using this hypnosis stop smoking seminar: The biggest research ever done was by the Time Magazine in the 1990s and they did a meta analysis of 600 research studies with multiple Hypnotist across multiple countries and the research showed that it was a 60% success rate after just 1 session. 
Hypnosis 60 %, Willpower 6%, Nicorette 10%, Acupuncture 24%... Hence there actually is no need for guarantees because the statistics work so much in your favour anyway!

This seminar has certainly improved on those figures to about 80% due to the tried and tested techniques, more advanced techniques of NLP and belief change work and Silke's profound  experience upon which you will all experience on the day. There is no point in fabricating any information. A couple of hundred $$ is probably only the equivalent of your weekly or fortnightly smoking expenditure. And with the statistics so much in your favour it'd be silly not to at least give this your very best shot and safe yourself a ton of money in the long run.

Or you can think about it this way: if I was to give you a guarantee, then you're stopping smoking would become my responsibility, right? Hence you would have nothing to do with your change... 
This would leave you feeling disempowered and helpless because I just waived a magic wand and you didn't do anything...  
My work is all about integrity and helping people help themselves! 
I work by empowering my clients. Can you imagine how much better you feel when you know you have taken responsibility and you have succeeded and made that change..? Yes, you did it! Boom, boom! 

These Seminars are not for anyone diagnosed with any of the following conditions: 

  • Suicidal, bi-polar, Multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, drug addicts, alcoholic, anorexic, generalised anxiety disorder and anyone on anti-psychotic medication.
    If in doubt about your medication please consult your GP or Psychiatrist BEFORE booking the seminar as all ticket sales are final.
  • If smoking is a crutch to assist you deal with anxiety, social anxiety, shyness, depression then I highly recommend you book your first one on one consultation well in advance to sort that out first before attending the Hypnosis Stop Smoking seminar.
  • When in doubt please send me an email so I can assist you, discover what the best way is for you.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All transactions are final. There will be no refunds on completed bookings unless the workshop is cancelled in which case the ticket holder will be entitled to a full refund.
  2. If the workshop is cancelled to due to an Act of God, natural disaster and/or adverse weather or for any other cause reasonably beyond the organisers control a new date will be arranged within a reasonable time frame and there is no right of refund or exchange. 
  3. Latecomers will not be permitted.
  4. Your mobile phones will need to be switched off. It is not permitted to switch phones to flight mode or silent. 
  5. Cameras, audio and video recording devices are not permitted.
  6. Ticket holders enter the venue at their own risk
  7. By buying your ticket you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions of sale. All orders are subject to credit card approval and billing address verification. 

More testimonials

"Hi Silke, thanks so much. I feel great, and I think with the NLP, Mind Training and Hypnosis it was a far more holistic and broad treatment then just a hypnotherapy session somewhere else. I am now proud to be A NON SMOKER! Thanks again." Ian - Sunshine Coast*

"WOW, honestly, just wow. I am not even thinking about cigarettes anymore. To quit Smoking this way was the best thing I've done for myself..."  Julie - Brisbane*

"I must say I am really surprised that my whole way of thinking about smoking had changed. I now have my power of choice back and guess what? I CHOOSE NOT TO SMOKE. I still find it ridiculous how easy that is..." Andy - Sunshine Coast*

"I've done it! Thank you so much Silke. You over delivered! And I feel amazing!" Tracey - Brisbane*

*results may vary from person to person

Dates, fees, booking process

Workshops fee of $277.00 includes your workbook, toolbox and your hypnosis stop smoking recording.

Bookings are confirmed through your payment and all fees paid are non refundable. Please see Terms & Conditions above.


Buy tickets now, all sales are final, so please make sure you check the details! No refunds.
You agree to the Terms and Conditions above.

Sunshine Coast:   2.30pm - 5.30pm,  SOLD OUT!

Brisbane:    8.30am - 11.30am,  SOLD OUT!

*Results may vary from person to person

*Results may vary from person to person